The Law Firm Loy (LFL) was founded in 1977, is located in Rome (Italy) and provides legal assistance and consultation in all the main areas of Italian Law.

Because of its many years of experience, particularly in the fields of Civil Law, Banking Laws and Bankruptcy Laws, LFL has become one of the most prominent ‘servicers’, specializing in the acquisition and management of non-performing loans (“NPL”).

Starting in 1999, at the dawn of what was called “securitization” in the United States of America, LFL has been one of the most active players in some of the most important operations of it (credits guaranteed by securities). Through due diligence, LFL has brought together players of international stature with regard to the acquisition of substantial portfolios of more than 1 billion Euros (capital only, without interest). The players have included Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan.   LFL guarantees to its clients a high level of competence and professionalism.

From 2000 until 2011, LFL has managed more than 6,000 secured NPL and about 10,000 unsecured NPL on behalf of the Goldman Sachs Group and of the Capitalia Group (Trevi Finance).

Present clients of LFL are financial institutions such as BNL, Unicredit, Merrill Lynch; firms specialized in credit collection such as S.G.C. – Archon Group, Si Collection, Cerved Credit Management S.p.A., Yard, Fin.Int. and Government Agencies such as ANAS (construction and maintenance of highways and roads).

LFL boasts a staff of legal, technical and commercial professionals, extremely important for an in depth management of the relative portfolios. It avails itself of a network of experienced consultants and correspondents, offering its clients assistance throughout Italy.

LFL has by now acquired a solid and reknown expertise in its field. Its main strength consists of an exceptional knowledge of business and a superior management ability in legal, financial and real estate fields.